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Frequently asked questions

Underneath a number of frequently asked questions and their answers. In the below does not provide you with the desired answer, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Our shipping costs are as provided in the payment processing system. Delivery within the Netherlands is actioned via PostNL, Delivery outside of the Netherlands will go via UPS. Within the delivery there can be chosen for a Track & Trace package, with which you will be kept informed of the whereabouts of your package and you can see when someone will need to be at home. the other option would be to not use Track & Trace but to provide us with an address of which you are sure someone will be home at the time of delivery.

Pelgrim souvenirs is a ‘one man show’ but I promise you to send your product as soon as possible and keep the delivery time a short as possible.

If you are not satisfied with our product please return this within 30 days and we will guaranty your money back. Watch out! Products can only be returned if unused!

These pelgrim oriented products can be for yourself, Family, friends or of course for each pelgrim whom you think deserves a present (especially our doormats will provide  a warm welcome for house, garage, or shed for each seasoned or starting Pelgrim).

This mat assures, due to its moisture intake, that dirt and moisture from your shoes will stay behind on the mat, and it contributes to a clean entrance.  Also, mats with a rubber back are easy to rinse and can even be washed in the washing machine on 30 degrees. And because of the PVC backing the mat wil remain firm in its place.


Regular hoovering and/or brushing clean the mat is the best to assure long life spend. If the mat is very dirty it can even be cleaned in the washing machine on 30 degrees (a washed out mat will keep moisture longer).