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About us

My name is Johan Snel and in 2015 I have walked the Netherlands from the most northern point to the most southern point. After having walked ‘the small amount of’ 500 kilometres and having reached the endpoint I felt that I wanted more. More kilometres and more time to walk; I was addicted to the walking!

Santiago de Compostella

It therefore didn’t take long before I decided to walk the Camino the Santiago, and autumn 2016 I walked from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (Fr) to Santiago de Compostela in 32 days. Since this day being a pilgrim hasn’t left my mind.

October 2017 I have started my second Camino ( the Camino del Norte) from the French town of Biarritz, but after 450 kilometres it was enough and I decided to go back home, but with the intention to come back in 2018 to finish the second half of this trip.

Unique souvenirs

Via this webshop I like to bring the inspiration found on my way during these caminos directly to your home. But not via endless similar souvenirs of which loads can be found everywhere, but by brining you souvenirs that are unique and have not been seen before. I like to bring you original useful Souvenirs. At this moment is will only be a small amount of souvenirs on offer, but hopefully we will be able to extend our offering to you in the near future.

Also your inspiration and ideas with regards to types of souvenirs would be helpful. If you have an idea on souvenirs that are currently missing please let me know these and who knows we will be able to accommodate in the future!

Terms and conditions

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